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NH adding Xtreme teams

New Hampshire is trying to add Xtreme Babe Ruth teams for the 2019 season. Xtreme Babe Ruth is a division of Babe Ruth Baseball played in the New England states. It was formed in New Hampshire by former Plymouth Regional coach Tom Underwood and offers Babe Ruth players a way to play travel baseball in the summer at the fraction of what it typically costs to play AAU baseball.

Any player who participates in at least 50 percent of his team’s Babe Ruth games is eligible to play Xtreme Babe Ruth, which, in addition to a regular-season schedule, will offer tournaments in June and July leading up to the state tournament. Players from the same Babe Ruth league are eligible to play for the same Xtreme team.

Xtreme Babe Ruth allows each team to create its own schedule, so teams can play a heavy or light schedule, depending on the level of interest. Xtreme teams are also allowed to schedule games against non-Xtreme competition.

An Xtreme team can have all 13-year-old players, all 14-year-old players, all 15-year-old players or a mix of the three. In may cases, an organization’s all-star teams (13, 14 or 13-15) will also be an Xtreme team.

Go to the New Hampshire Xtreme Babe Ruth web site to find out more information. The information can also be accessed by going to the New Hampshire Babe Ruth web site, clicking on 13-18 baseball and selecting Xtreme Babe Ruth in the drop-down menu.

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