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NHIAA looking to save spring season

NOTE: The following is an update on NHIAA baseball that was posted on the Baseball Coaches of New Hampshire web site Friday:

While we await the NHIAA’s decision on the 2020 season there are still a few items we can clear up.

SEASON: As noted on the NHIAA website, they are working on a solution so we have a spring season. My best advice is not to lose hope! There is still time, but I would also say we all would need to be flexible. Whatever solution comes out of this will have issues, but I believe the NHIAA is doing its best to make the most out of a horrible situation.

DUES: I have updated the “paid” section of the coaches dues. If we have a season then nothing changes, we still follow the by laws and what it means for All-State/Awards. IF we don’t have a season then we will forward the “paid” dues for the 2020 season to the 2021 season.

ALL STATE MEETING: We will move the all-state meeting pending the decision by the NHIAA. I am hopeful that we keep the NHTI location, if not we will find an alternate solution.

SENIOR GAMES/UNDERWOOD JR. SHOWCASE GAME: As of this writing nothing has been canceled. I spoke with the Vermont director and he said they are awaiting a decision on if they will have a season or not. I guess it is a possibility even if they are remote learning. Maine is still on board if it works out for everyone.

In terms of the Underwood Games, if we have a season we will have the Underwood Games. Depending on the logistics of the NHIAA decisions we may have to move the date- but it would be roughly around the scheduled date.

GOLF TOURNAMENT: So far it is still a GO. We will adjust as needed, but it would be a great opportunity to support NH high school baseball players.

If you have any questions that I could help you out with please feel free to email me at

Keep the faith and remember we are all in the same boat.


Brent Demas
President BCANH


  1. All-State meeting:  TBD at NHTI
  2. Underwood Games: June 24th at Holman Stadium
  3. Twin State Games:  June TBD (waiting on Vermont)
  4. Maine vs NH Seniors:  TBD

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