New Hampshire Hardball

Tournament Scoreboard

Play-in Games May 31/June 1

Division I/Region I

Memorial at Central, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)
Concord 10, Goffstown 0

Division I/Region II

Keene 6, Nashua South 2
Bishop Guertin 5, Merrimack 4

Division I/Region III

Exeter at Dover, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division I/Region IV

Salem at Windham, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division II/Region I

Pembroke 4, Sanborn 0

Division II/Region II

Plymouth 2, Kennett 0

Division II/Region III

Hollis/Brookline at Pelham, 4:15 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division II/Region IV

John Stark 11, Stevens 0
Lebanon at Bow, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division III/Region I

Monadnock at Mascoma, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division III/Region II

Conant at Bishop Brady, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)

Division III/Region III

White Mountains at Belmont, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)
Inter-Lakes 3, Newfound 2

Division III/Region IV

Somersworth 9, Campbell 1

Division IV/Region I

Newmarket at Pittsfield, 4:30 p.m. (Tuesday)
Nute 8, Epping 6

Division IV/Region II

Sunapee at Concord Christian, 4 p.m. (Tuesday)
Derryfield 8, Wilton 0

Division IV/Region IV

Littleton 6, Groveton 5


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