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New Hampshire Hardball adds sponsor

New Hampshire Hardball would like to welcome our latest sponsor: R3VAMP Performance Training, located at 6 Merrill Industrial Drive in Hampton.

R3VAMP is more than a gym. It’s a performance center that helps athletes improve their mental approach as well as their physical skills.

“The primary thing that separates us from other indoor facilities is the fact that we train at the cognitive level,” said R3VAMP co-founder and owner Mike Hicks. “We focus on sports psychology at a foundational level, and we really drive home training that includes brain training for sports-specific work, which includes things like processing, decision-making, hand-eye coordination, reaction, impulse control and working memory. Things like that help differentiate our athletes not just physically, but at a deeper level. Our coaching staff is very detailed in the way that we design drills to sport-specific situations.”

R3VAMP can benefit athletes of all ages in any sport. If offers a study pod for its student/athletes as well as a kitchen athletes can use before, during or after their training cycle.

R3VAMP also has a Senaptec Sensory Station, which assessess visual and sensorimotor skills to determine an individual’s strengths and areas where there is opportunity for improvement in sensory performance.

“Conscious Mind, Savage Body and Full Heart — that’s what the 3 stands for,” Hicks explained. “We want our athletes to be well-rounded individuals.

“We work with athletes so they overcome performance anxiety, create negative-thought-stoppage techniques and develop routines — all these things translate to other parts of life like test-taking. We look at our athletes as people before athletes to really focus on the fact that we’re developing student-athletes who at some point will stop playing sports.” 

For those getting ready for the 2023 baseball season, R3VAMP has a mound and two hitting tunnels. Athletes can also improve the mental skills that are essential in that sport. R3VAMP also offers team training.

“We do skill-work from defensive work, to hitting to pitching,” Hicks said. “We have coaches on staff that can benefit you in all those areas.

“It’s a well-rounded experience for our baseball guys. That’s why we have college-level baseball players in here as well as high school, because they can work on their skills as much as they work on their strength as much as they work on their processing, eye strength, reaction – their mental skills, which includes helping guys with their routine in the batter’s box or on the mound. Whatever it might be.

“Given that baseball is such a mental game we’re able to capture the other 50 percent of what happens on the baseball field here. The skill side of stuff is really a complement to everything else we do.”

For more information about R3VAMP, pricing or a tour of the facility visit or call 603.770.1953.


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