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Holman will host legion showcase

New Hampshire American Legion
2023 Player Showcase

The sixth annual New Hampshire American Legion Player Showcase will be held on Tuesday July 18th, 2023 at Holman Stadium in Nashua.

Showcase Chairman – Rick Harvey (603) 767-0477
District A Head Coach – Coaching Staff Concord Post #21
District B Head Coach – Coaching Staff Rochester Post #7

Players should arrive at the stadium for warmups at 1 p.m.

A “Pro Style Showcase” format will begin at 1:30 with drills as follows:

(1.) 60-yard dash. (2.) Catchers: Pop Times, 2 receiving catches, 2 blocks, and 2 block and throw to a base. (3.) Infielders: 5 Ground Balls to all Infielders at the SS position and they throw to 1B – 2 right at the infielder, 1 to the back hand, 1 the forehand, and 1 slow roller. (4.) 1B: Throw to 3B – 3 throws.
(5.) Outfielders: Position in Right Field – 3 throws to 3B, and three throws to home. (6.) Group hitting 2 rounds of five swings.

All throws will be radared, and all catchers’ throws will be timed to 2B, and all players are timed in the 60-yard dash.

NOTE: A nine inning game between each district will start 15:00 after drills are completed.

Invited players will be selected for each team. We do not charge our players who are given this opportunity. The majority of players will come from the high school graduating classes from the years 2023 (non-committed seniors in the fall of 2022, 2024 (non-committed juniors in the fall of 2022) and players from the graduating class of 2025 who show baseball potential. Only players who plan to play baseball in college will be invited.


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