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Mass. votes to have spring sports

NOTE: If you have an opinion on what the NHIAA should do about spring sports, specifically high school baseball, please forward your opinion to Comments will be posted here ASAP after they’re received and will remain anonymous.

The Massachusetts International Athletic Association Board of Directors voted 19-0 Monday to have a high school spring sports season from May 4 to June 27, provided schools are back in session by May 4.

  • Originally spring sports in Massacnusetts were scheduled to end on June 20, but the extra week was added with the hope of preserving postseason tournaments.
  • The preseason practice period, typically 11 days, was shortened to seven days. The exceptions were golf (three days) and rugby (nine days).
  • Teams must play a minimum of eight games and no more than 12 to be eligible for the postseason tournament. No decision was made regarding the tournament format for each sport.
  • Schools will be allowed to have sub-varsity sports as well.


— “New Hampshire should do whatever it can to salvage a spring season for the kids. Even if school isn’t in session I’m in favor of spring sports, if it can be done in a safe way. Colleges play long after school is out.”

“Read today that sun and fresh air help kill the virus. Let them play!”

“There’s been plenty of years here when the high school baseball season didn’t really kick into gear until early May anyway because of snow/weather. Make the teams play a minimum number of games, open up the state tournaments and seed teams by winning percentage. Teams that want to jam more games into the schedule can do so, but others aren’t taxed. Open tournaments mean every teams get at least one extra game. Games will be played in better weather and the Fisher Cats aren’t using the stadium.”

— “The kids aren’t going back to school. No school = no sports.”

— “Not sure why being in school has anything to do with it. 500, 1,000, 1,500 kids in one building isn’t the same as two teams and a few fans outdoors.”


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